Bluebird Blend

Glass Infuser Bottle

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This is our eco-friendly, reusable drink bottle. Made with double-walled Borosilicate Glass, our infuser bottle is durable and heat resistant to keep you hydrated on the go. The stainless steel lid has a bamboo inlay on the top.  The stainless steel infuser combines a 2 in 1 strainer and let’s you enjoy your favourite loose leaf tea blends hot, iced or chilled.  Try infusing some fresh fruit too - it’s delicious!

Size : 450ml / 15oz
230mm High x 70mm Diameter.

Instructions : Unscrew the 2 strainers and place your tea into the larger one. When using hot liquids, fill your glass bottle with a little room temperature water before adding any boiling water.  Allow a few minutes for the steam to escape before putting the lid on.  When using cold liquids, make sure there is some water in your glass bottle before dropping any ice cubes in.

Handle with Care : Like any glass product, handle your glass bottle with care.  The lid and stainless steel strainers are hand wash only. We recommend storing your bottle with the lid off to avoid any build up of moisture.